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Strategic advisory for the Global Lubricants industry
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Excerpt from Jagger Advisory's article in Lubes'n'Greases magazine (September 2019) Product line extensions can create value or spending sprees. Cast your glance at that retail shelf over there, lubricant marketers....

What’s top of mind for most of us in the lubricants industry? Technology and technology disruption take up a lot of prime space, notably the onslaught of new...

As the seasons transitioned from summer to fall, it brought to mind the theme of change. That applies to our thoughts at Jagger Advisory and, I’m sure, to...

By Suzan M. Jagger for Lube Magazine.   Gauging the Future… As we launch into our business plans for 2016, how can we best communicate the value of the lubricants business to our Board...

By Suzan M. Jagger for Lube Magazine.   Acting now to sustain for the long term… As a consequence of weakened crude oil and base oil costs, we are in a near-term period of...

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