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Strategic advisory for the Global Lubricants industry
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By Suzan M. Jagger for Lube Magazine.   Tackling the Challenges at Home… German-based Liqui Moly is selling direct to independent workshops by leveraging its strong direct sales force and auto parts wholesalers. UK-based...

By Lisa Tocci for Lubes'n'Greases Magazine. In volume terms —sheer tons of product needed to keep the world well-oiled — lubricants demand has barely budged from what it was back in 2000. Put a yardstick to...

By Sebastian Crawshaw, Chairman for OATS Limited. This year’s ICIS conference in London provided plenty of thought-provoking insight and highlighted some key thoughts on the lubricants industry. In particular, Arthur D Little's (ADL)...

MALTA. Under the shadow of the historic fortresses of the Knights of St. John, industry executives gathered on the island State of Malta to consider how trading companies, terminal...

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