Strategic advisory for the Global Lubricants industry | North American Industrial Lubricants
Strategic advisory for the Global Lubricants industry
Industrial lubricants, Metal working, Industrial grease
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‘Money Makers’ One Matter at a Time

What’s top of mind for most of us in the lubricants industry? Technology and technology disruption take up a lot of prime space, notably the onslaught of new developments and how they affect the market, product lines and production.

What about the value angle? How do we make money in this business vis-à-vis a wide range of issues? Which way do we go strategically? What should we be doing to win in the game? These are lines of inquiry we kick around at Jagger Advisory for one matter or a set of them. During a recent session, something occurred to us. Perhaps we should share a glimpse of what we’re discussing with our network.

Welcome to our blog series on “Money Makers.” Each upcoming entry will pose a question related to an event or aspect of the lubricants business. The brief content will focus on how best to deliver value.

We’ll be posting our “Money Makers” Q&As on LinkedIn and right here on our blog. Look for it starting in 2019. 

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