Strategic advisory for the Global Lubricants industry | We bring value and new thinking to the Global Lubricants business
Jagger Advisory services for the Global Lubricants industry include strategy and transformation, benchmarking, intelligence, operating analytics, frontier market strategies, technology and innovation, transaction advisory
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Bringing value and new thinking to the Global Lubricants business.

We strive to reveal the truth, and offer clear, pragmatic and actionable recommendations.

  • Strategy and transformation

  • Jagger-Advisory-Transform

    • Formulate goals that leverage client strengths

    • Align business model with market realities

    • Deliver on the strategy and
      intervene to stay the course

  • Benchmarking and intelligence

  • Jagger-Advisory-Competition

    • Optimize the supply chain

    • Manage financial performance

    • Develop competitive strategies,
      organizations, processes

  • Deep operating analytics

  • Jagger-Advisory-Relations

    • Map market volumes and profits—value curve

    • Expand and enhance distributor networks

    • Create best-in-class sales and
      marketing organizations
  • Frontier market strategies

  • Jagger-Advisory-Marketing

    • Build business model options to mitigate risks

    • Plot the pathway to future value

    • Extend distribution to
      the next growth markets

  • Technology and innovation

  • Jagger-Advisory-Innovation

    • Integrate technology with marketing

    • Maximize return from investments

    • Apply new collaborative and innovative technologies

  • Transaction Advisory Services

  • Jagger-Advisory-Transactions

    • Reallocate regions, functions and resources

    • Identify acquisitions and divestments

    • Perform due diligence for buy-side and sale-side opportunities

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